Occult Meditations by K. Parvathi Kumar

By K. Parvathi Kumar

Those Occult Meditations are sequential to non secular Psychology written through grasp EK. on the finish of that publication the grasp supplies the meditations. honest scholars of occultism, everywhere in the globe, who perform there meditations referred to as forth those commentaries on Meditations. for that reason this quantity of Occult Meditations. those are in case you have taken to the trail of meditation to adventure inner (and exterior) trips into lifestyles.

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To serve is a good thought. But to conduct service, ability is to be acquired. Related abilities for related service should be copulated with the intention to serve. Service without strength leads one to confusion and chaos. Learning the abilities to serve is the real education. Further know that Divine realisations do not happen for those who are not kind-hearted. Sympathy is the quality that flows from the kind heart. Aspirants have to cultivate sympathy, thereby gaining a kind heart to experience Divine revelations and realisations.

The silver sheet or the silver mind shines forth reflecting the silver rays. The Moon transmits moonlight; silver receives it. Silver transmits back the moonlight like a second Moon. Similarly, the silver mind transmits rays of moonlight. It verily awakens the moonbeams and becomes moonlight. Moonlight is but the reflection of sunlight through Moon and hence it seals the Sun in its light. Likewise, the silver mind that admits beams of moonlight also seals the Sun (soul). This meditation is transformation of an agitated mind into a mind that reflects the soul.

They are showered again into the sacred bosom of the Great Ocean. Commentary: This meditation is the complete path of discipleship. It indicates that the man turns out to be the Master only to come back to help the fellow beings. In the summer, through the solar ray, the salty waters of the ocean are drawn by the Sun into higher realms. In the following rainy season, the salty water drops; it comes back to quench the thirst of the beings and to give life to the fauna and flora of the 47 Earth. It is the selfsame salt water that comes back as life giving, nourishing and tasty water.

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