Offspring by Jack Ketchum

By Jack Ketchum

The neighborhood sheriff of lifeless River, Maine, idea he had killed them off ten years ago—a primitive, cave-dwelling tribe of cannibalistic savages. yet by some means the extended family survived. to reproduce. to seek. To kill and eat.

And now the peaceable citizens of this remoted city are battling for his or her lives.

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We’ll see you later,” Euri said, shoving through the crowd and steering Jack along with her. “Some of the dead can be very chatty,” she remarked when they had left Todd. ’ Jack asked as they pushed their way into a new group of ghosts. ” “We’ll get to that in a second,” she whispered. ” asked Jack. The crowd suddenly lurched forward. ” sniffed a gray-haired woman in a pillbox hat. Jack noticed that some of the ghosts were moving to the left, while others were moving to the right. “Hold on,” Euri said.

A rank animal smell drifted through. ” Jack whispered. But instead of answering, Euri flung herself on her hands and knees. She pointed to a cranny in the wall. ” she ordered. She slithered into it headfirst and disappeared. Jack was suddenly alone. He looked at the hole, no bigger than an animal’s burrow. ” Euri whispered. With a loud snarl, something bounded toward him. IX | The New York Underworld Jack dove into the tiny tunnel. Euri held her finger to her lips. Jack nodded and didn’t make a sound.

The man and the open desk drawer were hallucinations. But then Jack’s eyes fell on the piece of paper that the stranger had dropped, which was still lying on the floor. Jack wondered if the man had taken it from his father’s desk. He tiptoed over and gave it a poke. It didn’t vanish or jump out the window. He picked it up. It was a faded map of Manhattan, unlike any Jack had ever seen. Sections of the island were colored dark green, others light green, and still others, orange. There was a street grid.

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