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Therefore both coal production costs and costs for subsequent coal gasification and liquefaction are decisive factors for future production of coal in relation to other fossil fuels and, accordingly, for future energy supply and energy economy. Natural [_ gas, north slope I 1 L Q »- 03 "to v) Q. SO o EZ Nuclear fuel 500 750 1000 1250 1500 1750 2000 Cumulative production from July 1975-quadrillions of Btu Fig. 9. 1 0 2250 Resources marginal cost curve in the USA of the Stanford Research Institute Energy Model 1976 (27).

Untersuchungen zur Bestimmung des heutigen und zukünftigen Wertes der Mineralvorräte Ungarns. Proceedings of the 8. World Mining Congress, No. Ill, C 9, Lima, 1974 (also in English). , Simon, K. , Einige theoretische und praktische Fragen über die Grundlagen der mineralischen Rohstoffpolitik. Proceedings of the 9. World Mining Congress, No. 1-5, Düsseldorf, 1976 (also in English). United Nations Secretary-General, Status and prospects of coal production and utilization in developed and developing countries.

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