Old Babylonian Period (2003-1595 B.C.): Early Periods, by Douglas Frayne

By Douglas Frayne

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9 As ex. 9 U 2569 U 2569 15 16 17 18 19 20 IM 893B CBS 16469 CBS 16543b CBS 16543c UM 84-26-14 Ash 1961,238 U 2569 90164 90165 90166 90167 90168 90169 ex. ex. ex. ex. ex. ex. 1 1 1 1 1 1 5 . Ki-na] b e f o r e line 6. 1 COMMENTARY known - it presumably came from Ur. In the copy of this text in UET 1 no. 104 Gadd inadvertently omitted line 3. No ex. with this omission could be found. Exs. 1-8 were found by Taylor at Ur. Exs. 13-19 were found by Woolley at Ur; exs. 9-12 were probably found by the same excavator.

61 (study) Barton, RISA pp. 304-305 Ishmi-Dagan 2 (edition) Gadd, UET 1 p. xxiv (exs. 12-15, study) Hallo, BiOr 18 p. 5 1šme-Dagan 2 (study) Kärki, SKFZ p. 4 Išmedagān 2 (edition) Kärki, SAKAZ 1 p. 8 Išmedagān 2 (edition) Walker, CBI no. 29 (exs. Ki-na 1uga1-ki-en-gi-ki-uri dam-ki-ágd inanna-ka 1) Isme-Dagān, 2) provider of Nippur, 3-4) constant (attendant) of Ur, 5-6) who is daily at the service of Eridu, 7) en priest of Uruk, 8) mighty king, 9) king of Isin, 10) king of the land of Sumer and Akkad, 11-12) beloved spouse of the goddess Inanna 3 Early in the reign of Išme-Dagān the king named one of his years after the installation of his daughter as en priestess of the god Nanna in Ur under the name En-ana-tuma (see S.

28 (ex. -na. 1 1 . 2 , 5 omit -an-. 15 ba-ra-«Bi»-ziga-a. 3 ba-ra-an-zi-ga-(a). -na. 15 bàd- 12-14) he built the great wall of Isin. 15-18) The name of that wall is 'Išme-I)agan is a great ... ' gal. 8 d en-1í1-1á-da. 15 omits d en-lil-da.

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