Optical Metamaterials by Block Copolymer Self-Assembly by Stefano Salvatore

By Stefano Salvatore

Metamaterials are artificially designed fabrics engineered to obtain their houses by way of their particular constitution instead of their composition. they're thought of a huge medical leap forward and feature attracted huge, immense realization over the last decade. the foremost problem in acquiring an optical metamaterial lively at seen frequencies is the fabrication of advanced non-stop steel constructions with nano metric features.

This thesis offers the fabrication and characterization of optical metamaterials made through block copolymer self meeting. This method permits fabrication of an interesting and complicated non-stop 3D structure referred to as a gyroid, that's replicated into lively plasmonic fabrics reminiscent of gold. The optical houses endowed by way of this actual gyroid geometry contain aid of plasma frequency, terribly more advantageous optical transmission, and a envisioned destructive refractive index. to this point, this can be the 3D optical metamaterial with the smallest gains ever made.

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The complete removal of the nickel core was also examined by EDX, as shown in Fig. 1. 1 Comparison of Hollow and Normal Gyroids Reflection and transmission spectra of a normal gyroid were compared with a hollow gyroid with equal filling fraction and are shown in Fig. 2. Despite incorporating the same amount of gold, the reflection and transmission intensities were considerably higher in the hollow gyroid. The reflection edge of the hollow gyroid is shifted to smaller wavelengths with respect to the normal gyroid.

E. with the polymer template still in place and perfectly filled by the metal. As discussed in the next chapter, the presence of the polymer as surrounding medium produces a further reduction of the plasma frequency and a red shift of the reflection spectra. It is reasonable to assume that the effect of the polymer produces similar optical effects in gold and silver gyroids. Both the reflection and transmission of silver gyroids were characterized by a shift to shorter wavelengths of about 100 nm with respect to the gold gyroid (Fig.

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