Orthodox Heresy: The Rise of ‘Magic’ as Religion and its by Stoddard Martin

By Stoddard Martin

'Magic' as either note and inspiration is all over in modern existence, yet what does it suggest? Is it a pool for the thoughts and needs of the race, or 'an event which it's far better, just like the overwhelming majority people, by no means to have handed through'? In Stoddard Martin's cautious but adventurous remedy, apparently because the foundation of morality and faith in an age which places extra emphasis on wisdom and should than on conventional Christian conceptions of religion and strong works.
Modern orthodoxy has grown out of once-heretical rules, originating maybe with the airtight students of the Renaissance and carrying on with in the course of the nice age of Freemasonry to newer cults, comparable to Theosophy, the Order of the Golden sunrise, Anthroposophy or even Scientology. opposed to those events, Martin considers modern works of literature that have handled magic, together with these of Goethe, Balzac, Huysmans, Bulwer-Lytton, Yeats, Mann, Hesse, the Symbolists, technological know-how fiction writers and exponents of magical realism.

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The reader will quickly grasp the Hermetic import here. The Eliphas Levi 45 Count is encouraging the narrator to become the 'Great Man': to regain his original high place above 'the armature of the spheres' as the 'brother' of God. 9 . As in The Golden Ass, the last strictureworldly renunciation - is seen as essential to the task. Only through this, the Count contends, may a mere mortal gain intercourse with the elemental spirits, who are themselves more influential than God or the devil. ' In early times, as related in the Pimander,lD they inhabited Egyptian and Jewish idols.

Using an oxidising agent or melting his substance, he would discover signs on the surface of his crucible. These would alert him to remove his 32 Orthodox Heresy mixture and allow it to 'ripen' until the first days of spring. When that moment was reached, the mixture would be replaced in a transparent receptacle made of rock crystal and 'hermetically' sealed. Then it would be heated and heated again until an 'essence' or 'fluid' appeared. 29 It is thought that some of these substances may have had 'magical' properties: extremely low resistance to electricity, for instance, like the 'super-conductors' of modern science.

After grinding these by hand for five or six months, he would heat the result in a crucible. After ten days or so, he would dissolve the substance in an acid, doing so under polarised light - perhaps that of the moon. Evaporating the liquid and recalcining the solid, he would repeat the same process perhaps thousands of times, until the moment when fatigue of matter was sufficient and terrestrial and other conditions exactly right. Eventually something extraordinary would happen. This was the event the alchemist was waiting for.

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