PCs For Dummies, 10th Edition (Pcs for Dummies) by Dan Gookin

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That’s supposed to be friendly, not scary! Even so, I’ve devoted this entire chapter to the sole topic of turning the computer on and then turning it off again. How to Turn On Your PC When everything is plugged in and ready to go (refer to Chapter 3), you turn on the computer this way: 1. Turn on everything but the console. 2. Turn on the console last. 44 Part I: Introducing the PC Or, if everything is plugged into a power strip, just turn on the power strip. If the console and monitor are plugged into a UPS (which should be kept on all the time) and everything else is plugged into a power strip, do this: 1.

It’s similar in size to the modem’s jack, so try not to confuse them. Part III of this book covers computer networking. Printer Plug your computer’s printer into the printer port. The standard PC printer cable has two distinct ends, only one of which can be plugged into the console. The other plugs into the computer. If you’re using a USB printer, use any USB port to connect the printer to the console. Chapter 3: Insert Tab A into Slot B ߜ For printers with both printer and USB options, use the USB option.

Your Basic PC Hardware Figure 2-1 shows a typical computer system. The big, important pieces have been labeled for your enjoyment. It’s important that you know which piece is which and what the proper terms are. Console Monitor Printer Speakers (2) Figure 2-1: Basic computer things. Ugly cables (’round back) Keyboard Mouse Chapter 2: The Nerd’s-Eye View Console: The main computer box is the console, though it may also be called the system unit (geeky) or the CPU (incorrect). It’s a box that contains your computer’s soul: electronic guts plus various buttons, lights, and holes into which you plug the rest of the computer system.

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