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LFG Roland C.II

LFG Roland C. II КНИГИ ;ВОЕННАЯ ИСТОРИЯ LFG Roland C. II(Windsock Datafile 49)By Peter M. GroszPublisher: Albatros Productions Ltd199540 PagesISBN: 0948414669PDF19 MBThe LFG Roland C. 1I Walfisch (Whale) made its frontline debut in March-April 1916 and was once really sooner than its time. compared to all different two-seat different types of its day, on each side of the traces, it stands aside in aerodynamic and structural layout, sufficiently complex actually to spawn a single-seat fighter (see WINDSOCK DATAFILENo.

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12 9. Cf. Chapter 5, where I have dealt exhaustively with this problem. 10. The very best thing would, of course, have been to have another text, a ritual text, for instance, which would describe under what circumstances the Baalcycle was read—if it was read at all. 11. The major works of this school are Hooke 1933 and 1935. 12. A critique of the 'myth and ritual' school can be found in Frankfort 1951. Hooke's answer to this is in Hooke 1958: 3. Cf. also the critique of the theory of 'ritual pattern' in Bernhardt 1961: 51-66.

Pp. 67-71 on Dirk Kinet below. 50 The Royal God (from the end of September to the beginning of May), Baal rules, but not until he has defeated ym, who in the beginning of this season threatens with floods and equinoctial gales. Gaster goes so far as to call the Baal-cycle 'an allegory of the seasons' (1961: 126). This method of interpreting that involves a 'translation' of each individual unit of the narrative into meteorological phenomena is highly problematical. The following is an example of just how difficult it is to make the Baal-cycle fit a seasonal Procrustean bed: Gaster places the short-term rule of ym and the combat between Baal and ym at the beginning of the rainy season: Baal, as genius of the rainfall, holds sway during the wet season, from late September until early May.

If this were to be the fundamental viewpoint of the second edition, one should have expected an entirely new book from Caster's hand. This is, however, not the case. Caster is far from having drawn the consequences of the sentence quoted above. The idea of actual enactment of the texts permeates the book in spite of the preface. The word 'libretto' has—as far as I have been able to see—disappeared from the second edition. Thus the sentence '... ' has vanished from the second edition. The organization of the material and the references have been made clearer, but the fundamental viewpoint is unchanged: 'It is thus once again apparent that our texts were designed for recitation or enactment in connection with temple ceremonies.

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