Performance Skiing: Training and Techniques to Make You a by George Thomas

By George Thomas

Health checks, skiing-specific routines, cross-training conditioning courses, and technique-enhancing drills for downhill skiers of all skill degrees.

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The individual bats to one side the highest tabs he can reach. 5 inches at a weight of 222 pounds. 2. Once you figure your power quotient, you can compare it to these guidelines developed at Ohio State University. Don't take the standards too seriously, as they were developed for another closely measured power test and the correlations tend to vary. This jump test is easier to conduct, however. 013 to derive horse- Page 30 Men (Ages)Rating152020303040405050 +Poor<113<106<85<65<50Fair1131491061398511165845065Average150187140175112140851056682Good1882241762101411681061258398Excellent224>210>168>125>98> Women (Ages) Rating152020303040405050 +Poor<92<85<65<50<38Fair9212085111658450653848Average1211511121408510566824961Good15218214116810612583986275Excellent182>168>125>98>75> power.

As aerobic activity takes over, built-up lactic acid is oxidized as fuel in the muscle or, during rest, is reconverted into glycogen in the liver. One generally accepted theory is that lactic acid interacts with the buffering systems in the blood, increasing the production of carbon dioxide, which in turn stimulates faster breathing. If you are breathing normally and take off skiing from a dead stop, the anaerobic ATP-PC and ATP-LA systems act like a kick Page 20 Your body produces energy by forming and breaking down ATP during the metabolic process.

The trade-off is that the aerobic system releases a much larger portion of energy available from food; it is about thirteen times more efficient than anaerobic metabolism. It also is long-lasting. As in the ATP-LA system, glycogen is broken down, but here oxygen cleanses the system. Pyruvic acid is converted into an intermediate compound that produces more ATP. Water and carbon dioxide also are Page 21 formed and are expelled through the lungs. At this stage, even more energy is released for ATP reconstruction.

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