Perspectives in Organometallic Chemistry by C.G. Screttas, B.R. Steele

By C.G. Screttas, B.R. Steele

The newest ends up in components of curiosity to organometallic chemists are provided during this choice of papers from a July 2002 convention. unique advancements are reviewed within the synthesis of major workforce, transition steel, and lanthanide organometallics, functions to homogeneous catalysis, structural and theoretical stories, and enantioselective strategies. a few particular issues comprise new titanium imido chemistry with polydentate N-donor ligands, and synthesis and reactivities of multinuclear sulfur-bridged steel complexes. The ebook is sent within the US via Springer Verlag.

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A, mbar - MeGN 5 Scheme 7 Reactions of ~i(WBu)(N2Npy)@y)](5) with ArNC0,jO tBuCP and MeCNjl (Ar = 2,6-CgHjiPr2) The reaction with MeCN gives a dimeric product [Ti2(~2-N2N,,)2{ pNC(Me)NC 121. This compound is formally the nitrogen-bridged dimer of the cycloaddition product of 5 in which the imido nitrogen now bonds to carbon of MeCN (avoiding an unfavourable nitrogen-nitrogen single bond in the other possible first-formed product). The nitrogen originating from MeCN bonds to titanium and also, presumably New titanium imido chemistry with polydentate N-donor ligands 41 because it is quite sterically unprotected and nucleophilic, bridges to a second titanium.

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