Physical Metallurgy by Robert W. Cahn and Peter Haasen (Eds.)

By Robert W. Cahn and Peter Haasen (Eds.)

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35. Variation of the lattice parameters of gadolinium with temperature. There are no structural changes in this temperature range (from DONOHUE [1974]). References: p. 45. 44 Ch. 1, w 3 W. Steurer zs- 8 8' 24- yJ 23IcJ d - J o > 22U o I-. - 21- / 19 -200 I I 0 1 1 200 1 I 400 I 1 600 TEMPERATURE ,"C Fig. 36. The variation of the atomic volume of the various allotropes of plutonium with temperature (from DONOHUE [ 1974]). Ch. 1, Refs. 1 MPa bcc v,~ 1300 I- 8oo! 300 tet I Ac Th , I~ Pa Fig. 37. Combined binary alloy phase diagrams for the light actinides (from YOUNG [1991]).

VILLARS, P. and L. D. CALVERT,1991, Pearson's Handbook of Crystallographic Data for Intermetallic Phases (American Society for Metals, USA), Vols. l to 4. , 1991, Phase Diagrams of the Elements (University of California Press, Berkeley). , and T. B. MASSALSKI, 1980, Structure of Metals, 3rd edition (Pergamon Press, Oxford). R. DE, R. BOOM, W. C. M. R. MIEDEMAand A. K. NIESSEN, 1988, Cohesion in Metals (North-Holland, Amsterdam). , F. HULLIGER, W. B. JENSEN, J. A. MAJEWSKI, K. MATHIS, P. VILLARSand P.

25. The s t r u c t u r e of cF4-Cu, s p a c e g r o u p Fm3m, No. 225, 4a 0 0 0. References: p. 45. 32 Ch. 1, w3 W. Steurer Fig. 26. The structure of hRI-Hg, space group R3m, No. 166, 3a 0 0 0. 84 ,& owing to a transition of one 4f-electron to the 5d-level (fig. 34). 75 GPa (YOUNG [1991]). 2 GPa to the e-phase. Europium shows a completely different behavior, as do the other lanthanides, owing to the stability of its half filled 4f-orbitals. Thus, it has more similarities to the alkaline earth metals; its phase diagram is comparable to that of barium ~ 600 Ot g 500 400 300 200 100 0 0 10 20 pressure 30 40 50 ( Gila ) Fig.

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