Pigments in Fruits and Vegetables: Genomics and Dietetics by Chunxian Chen

By Chunxian Chen

This accomplished treatise offers a systemic and insightful evaluate of present advances within the biosynthetic genomics/genetics and preventive dietetics of carotenoids, flavonoids and betalains, from a normal standpoint, and in particular fruit and veggies besides. Genomics/genetics makes a speciality of what and the way enzymatic and regulatory genes are all in favour of pigment biosynthesis. Dietetics emphasizes how those pigments give a contribution nutritional/medical advantages to future health, hinder illnesses, and act as power nutraceuticals within the vitamin. The target is to supply study scientists, food experts, fit meals advocates, scholars, and rainbow meals (fruit and vegetable) fans with an built-in source at the biosynthetic and dietetic mechanisms of those pigments.

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However, it is important to emphasize that changes in gene transcription do not necessarily reflect in altered protein abundance and functional activity due to the existence of posttranscriptional regulatory mechanisms of gene expression. Nevertheless, as the transcriptional regulation is the first level of protein synthesis regulation, changes in gene transcription in response to specific stimuli can be considered a primary regulatory response that reflects a change in requirement for specific proteins at a specific time period.

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