PoMoSexuals: Challenging Assumptions About Gender and

PoMoSexuals dishes up an all-star solid of articulate, witty homosexual, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered authors - all of whom are looking to explode your assumptions approximately sexuality : Pat Califia, Dorothy Allison, Laura Antoniou, Jill Nagle, Ricki Anne Wilchins, Michael Thomas Ford, Scott O'Hara, Marco Vassi, Carol Queen, John Weir, D. Travers Scott, Greta Christina.

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These encounters do not always follow the predicted route; what the new beneficiaries seek is not always what the planners have determined they should have—a contradiction vividly illustrated by a hijra in Hyderbad who, when told of a new sexual health clinic to be opened up (focused principally on std and hiv treatment and prevention support), assumed that it would o√er the breast implant surgery s/he hoped for (Reddy 2001). ≥Ω There is thus much to be explored concerning the intersection of science, development, and sexuality, and this book can only begin this task.

It can also, however, introduce new grounds for discerning sexual deviance (Jackson 1997b; Rivkin-Fish 1999; Somerville 1997). The taken-for-granted biological universalism imputed to a medical and hygienic language of sexuality can o√er people certain freedoms because it provides a way to discuss sex without discussing one’s own sexuality. At the same time, it can be abstract and alienating. It can even be irrelevant to the conditions that structure one’s lived sexuality (Setel 1999; Waldby, Kippax, and Crawford 1993; Ward 1991).

Uniting fertility control, education, and agricultural loans). What has persisted are the assumptions, first, that interventions in the sexual life of ‘‘target populations’’ are invariably tied to modernization and, second, that sexuality can be seen as a primarily biological phenomenon, amenable to rationalized control through the sciences of reproduction, contraception, and population. Hindsight allows us to see more clearly how apparently ‘‘medical’’ questions about sexual and reproductive behaviors have been woven into a fabric of social relations that go far beyond the contours of the body and its health.

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