Postbuckling Behavior of Structures by M. Esslinger; B. Geier

By M. Esslinger; B. Geier

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JJ, and consequently four diagrams. 35 shows the effective widths for the b u c k 1 i n g calculation, again for the example of a square box beam with uniform wall-thickness. J4 reveals that they are larger than the effective widths for the stress calculation. This is in contrast to the experimental and theoretical results which have been given for the panels in chapter 2. 4. )6 presents the ultimate average stress of panels, which are elements of cold formed sections, given by Dawson et al. J4.

E. the symbol :for displace1nent gage. fl The buckling load that amounts nearly to J • 10 arrow with ,,. ll X recognized by a distinct kink in the load dr)formatiou curve. •'g tl11· buci;ling load, def']f'ction:; were prncticl'llly nonexistent; thllt points to the f'nct tJ-wt the test columns were very carefully manufactured. After buckling the slope of the load deformation curve is very steep. is long column there are practically no load carrying reserves in the postbuckling regio11. 41, right hand side, presents the unloaded column after the buckling test.

Before discussing these diagrams the meaning of the different curves is explained. They will be subdivided in three groups. The first group contains column buckling. l-1 8 I' ', /v 6 ~'~ 5 -...... 45 Ultimate loads of columns with different lengths. 46 Ultimate loads of columns with and without warping. 47 Experimental ultimate loads compared with differe~t theoretical loads for the short column L = 1000 mm. 48 Experimental ultimate loads compared with different theoretical loads for the long column L 4000 mm.

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