Pre-emptive Strike; Villains and Vigilantes 2018 by Stephen Dedman

By Stephen Dedman

Event for the V&V roleplaying video game.

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Appendix: 3: Treasures and Tomes WYRMSLAYER Two handed sword, +3 This weapon does double normal damage when used against a dragon or draconian. ) It is immune to the imprisoning effect when a Baaz draconian turns to stone. Whoever holds Wyrmslayer by the hilt gains a +3 on all saves vs. Breath weapons or against any spells cast by dragons or draconians. Wyrmslayer has the strange tendency to give off a loud buzzing noise when within 30’ of a true dragon (not a draconian). This buzzing always wakes a sleeping dragon.

Stale food covers the floor and counters, ashes from the ovens are spread around, and pots and pans lie overturned, spilling sticky garbage over the rest of the mess. This kitchen served the draconian hordes while they were stationed in the fortress. After cooking the last meal before the army moved out, the hobgoblin servants simply left things as they were. A deep well, 4’ in diameter, sinks through the floor in the north end of the room. The water is 20’ below, and it is quite drinkable. This is the second of the wells that can be used to support the garrison in times of siege.

8 Hobgoblins. AL LE; MV 9”; hp 5 each; AC 5; HD 1+1; #AT 1 (longsword) Dmg 1-8 If the escaping hobgoblin is not intercepted, 5 rounds after the heroes enter this room they are be attacked from behind by the 7 Baaz draconians and 6 hobgoblins from room 67. A cavernous chamber stretches far off into darkness, but the number of people crowded into it makes the room seem small. Sitting, standing, or lying down, several hundred women turn their attention listlessly toward the door. Those nearby leap to their feet in surprise; a wave of excitement spreads through the room like a spring breeze.

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