“Ravings of a Mad Irishman” – Seamus Kirwan Publishes and Launches First Book

If you want a copy – message Seamus via Facebook,
or contact local shops in the Tullamore area.

The book itself is essentially a poetry book, with extensive but brief background pieces to the"Ravings of a Mad Irishman" by Seamus Kirwan poems.It is – as befits its launch konya escort on the authors 50th birthday – an autobiographical book, and charts his journeys from and battles with depression, outlined in parallel with a journey of self discovery along the River Shannon in a canoe that his father built that assisted greatly in that recovery.

 Seamus Kirwan speaking at the launch of his book "Ravings of a Mad Irishman"Seamus Kirwan signing copies of his book "Ravings of a Mad Irishman"

But there is even more to the book than that, that in itself would make quite a read. From satire of the political masters that have messed up this country, to humerus poems about his dog driving the car during a dream, to a chav girl wearing way too much make up, to a lady night visitor to his room, the poems engage the reader and are memorable, each and every one!

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