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www.WritingsInRhyme.com.the website of writer Tomás Ó karatay eskort Cárthaigh (yes, your trusty editor!!!) has been updated to work with WordPress, and a wide selection of poetry has already been posted up, with some more to come in the coming weeks. See below for a few new posts…

Aideens Grave

Aideens Grave
“Aideens Grave” – Dolmen at Howth Raised by hands, set there in perfection The dead honoured, stones perfect placed Ash and bones, placed in affection Of the dead, never to be displaced… But time, maybe mankind, which we know not Twisting, the capstone came crashing down! Strong stone construction, as if did rot From w [...]

Let Them Lie

Let Them Lie
Remains of a barrow at Braemor, site of a car park for the new Chinese Port at Drogheda Disturb not the bones of the dead! They sleep now, here, for all time to lie… It’s all they ask of those who are left – Basic respect! It’s the reason why Only wind should scatter the ashes… Should they to gales become exposed… [...]

What We Have, We Do Not Value, As Oth…

What We Have, We Do Not Value, As Others Value What They Cannot Have – Malala Yousafai Tribute
“What We Have, We Do Not Value, As Others Value What They Cannot Have” The scene is familiar, girls smoking, swearing, counting down the minutes to when they can race from class and get on with what they believe to be the real world, caring little for the lessons they can learn in school, taking for granted the education that they distain. [...]

Rocking the Cradle of Genius

Rocking the Cradle of GeniusYou have disgraced yourselves again, once more you have rocked at the cradle of genius” – W.B. Yeats Rocking the cradle of genius Is not a wise thing to do, If you rock it too hard It will be because of you That from its cradle small Genius fell to its fate, And never to be known to the world Was something the world would think great. [...]

Written Beside a Stone to Paul Smith

Written Beside a Stone to Paul SmithOffices across the canal from Charlemont Street in Dublin. Photo Tomas O Carthaigh (c)2010 Opposite this stone he lived it says Of him I have not read before Opposite the canalbanks where I sit, but behind On hinge, was his hall door Beside the Canal at Charlemeont Street New offices shining stand What contrast: the ruined economy of today An [...]

On a Marble Seat at a Café I Sit

On a Marble Seat at a Café I SitOn a marble seat at a cafe I sit And slowly sip my coke And write verse in the sparkling rain I think it is a joke That less than twenty yards from here I passed within the hour An addicted, homeless, hopeless man Beside the streets of power In a land of empty houses That they now wish to tear down I wonder… is our President Really Mar [...]

Kilmainhams Gaol Gates

Kilmainhams Gaol GatesToday we walk without a care Within these gates, once where Men of honour, dishonour and poverty there Served their sentences when tried. The hungry poor for begging and stealing Or in the oldest profession dealing Were imprisoned without feeling As harsh punishments were applied. And then Rebellion leaders came And some treated their own re [...]

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