Terre Rouge 1

Mousse, mousse: My job is to wave this leafy twig to goose flies away. Jay rolls out sweet potato pills, we pinch the paste into coconut patties, Ashna noshes ice-cream, Dev fries, shakes the wok, smoke shutters the carport, The trick is not putting the fire too high. He scoops out crispy moons. We cut […]

L’herbe Sauvage

Jay drove me to the farm where the family were from. It wasn’t far, the weather wasn’t too grey. I asked him for papaya. He broke the old tree reaching some for me. Crossed rows of sugar cane, (the harvest had finished so there wasn’t much to see) to a well, overgrown with laliane. Here […]


Kiran and I stay in her mother’s old home. Like a little wattle and daub Tudor house, it’s made from beams from the mountain, and painted white, roofed in corrugated iron sheeting. Her mother and father built this harbour with the oldest children. Dev, second son, carried the longest log. Last night we went up […]

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