Elliot in Oxford

In dark corners I whispered to you Nobody had to hear And in the sandy grey of Oxford I bled the konya eskort bayan lines of Elliott Whilst he sang them, softly with a tear

Cold Mirror

Well you’re whisper’s turning cold And I guess that this is good To put it all konya eskort bayan behind Like a well-adjusted person should No longer do I see your breath on the mirror Hard to believe I ever could But I’d been meaning to put it all behind Like an unaffected person would […]

Blunt Sevens

High standards just don’t cut it Not if you can’t cut it Like blunt scissors, you carry on roughly Half heartedly Aimlessly in the dark Not knowing where you’ll get to No one to light your way Life’s a blown out candle Life’s a broken boat on the sea And there’s always Elliott Even if […]

Piano Lake

The melody is a breeze, taking me away Ripples are black piano konya eskort keys; wind on water for the dark day

Morning Flower

10:27 I am awoken by a firm knock at the door A man in UPS has come to pick up my broken contraption I forget I had arranged this before 10:54 I speak to a silly girl who lives in the same house as I We both wear a guard but escort konya when she […]

San Quinton

I went to San Quinton on a boat that was leaking The seagulls were dire and the waves were-a creeping And there I thought about one beyond reach: A man of distinction; a name so tenuous, even the waves konya escort bayan would not speak And it was that sacred name that burned in my […]

Night Speaks

Cats are fighting in the night Like broken hearts in dreams that can’t be marginalised Dogs are howling at the moon Like boys who stay up late playing guitars in lonely rooms Mice are crawling under boards Like all life’s losers searching for their hidden fire; their valiant swords A drunk is stumbling in the […]

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