“The Door is Half Open” – Susheel Kumar Sharma

Susheel Kumar Sharma, The Door is Half Open.New Delhi: Adhyayan Publishers karatay eskort & Distributors. 2012. ISBN: 978-81-8435-341-9. pages 141,150.00/ US $ 10.00 /UK £ 15.00                                                                     Carol Abrahms* The image that I had of India transformed considerably while I went through Susheel Kumar Sharma’s The Door is Half Open. The title of the book […]

“Mentioning the War” by Kevin Higgins. (Salmon Publishing)

“Kevin Higgins attacks not only the sell out socialism of the Irish Labour Party, to which he once belonged, but also the factionalism and scary ubercontrol of the far left in Irish politics, and outlines why we are better with the devil we know for all its ills than the one we dont know, as […]

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