Maples aflame in the cold November night as the bus rolls by, its windows pocked with rain. The park is empty, the houses nearby are dark boxes speckled with little squares of light behind which unseen lives sputter and spark, burn, collapse to ashes, then blaze again. Too tired to sleep, too wound up with […]

Lost Garden of the Sky

Clutching at the throat of the sky: the cat, the goat, the labored breath. This is what it is like to pray in the church of brief meat and death. Above the organ’s high piping, the arrows of arch and steeple and the high hawk’s hungry crying – the cloud-castle’s muted rubble. God has torn […]

A Requiem for Some of Those Among Us

They sit outside their dreams, look in at joy as bright as an advertising slogan. This one lacks just a theme song, while that watches life burn like a childhood toboggan. Their apples bruised, red and white lessened by brown somehow, the feast has turned to ashes, the garden is snake-infested and impure, their soft […]

Truth is Meat

A man won’t duck an arrow that isn’t shot. a woman will not nurse an unborn child. Some people will, without a second thought (without a first), pick cotton in a field of clouds. It isn’t there? No matter, Mac, what matters is — the truth is what we say it is, don’t you forget […]

The Island of Murano

(In the 16th and 17 century, the craftsmen who knew the secret technique for making clear flat glass mirrors, lived as hostages on the island of Murano.) To hold a mirror up, it takes the craft to make an unflawed glass, a window on the world beyond – and then to shut that eye and […]

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