The Island of Murano

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(In the 16th and 17 century, the craftsmen who knew the secret technique
for making clear flat glass mirrors, lived as hostages on the island
of Murano.)

To hold a mirror up, it takes the craft
to make an unflawed glass, a window on
the world beyond – and then to shut that eye
and peer at who is watching, what is seen
beside, behind, before. Surrounded by
both thing and image, if those can be halved
precisely, what the watcher keeps is what
the mirror’s seen.The mirror’s scene is just
observing the observer, serving both
sight and vision, and konya escort bayan won’t reflect the cost
of separation. On an island with
no hope of reaching land, you’re left with that
just cost, and on that rock you both are halved
by what is clearly seen with eye and craft.

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